Friday, December 18, 2009

The Governor's Palace

While searching on the web about what to visit while in Williamsburg, I discovered that the week we were going to be there was homeschooler week which gave us significantly discounted tickets for the whole week and offered programs not normally available. One of those was visiting the Governor's palace. Since this was our "first week of school" I told the kids they better learn something. :)
I think they enjoyed it and Isaiah did pretty good as well.

Look they are all smiling and looking at the camera AT THE SAME TIME!
In the governor's garden going the wrong way! We had to turn around, even though Duane got a nice pic. Don't know how Ben was a head of us driving the stroller on the pebble drive. Hmmm! it just occurred to me, Maybe that is why the stroller wheels fell off a little later.
The governor's palace side entrance

Wanna know how many times it took to get this pic? 8
Ben on the air conditioned bus to our next stop, hmmm wonder if he can read?
Nathaniel sitting where he shouldn't -- read the sign behind him. He was getting teased
Yes i made them stand by the sign and we got a good pic despite Duane getting frustrated with me and the kids as it took breaking up fights and situating people where the sign could be seen. Say cheese!

Yankee Candle Factory

We headed out one afternoon to the Yankee Candle Factory and had a good time. We made candles, dipped candles, bought candles,bought candy at the candy store, goofed off in the toy store and dreamed as it snowed int he Christmas factory.

This was a pretty cool store. Christmas was everywhere and the little kids were mesmerized.
They even had one section where it snowed every 5 minutes. Seora loved this as real snowflakes drifted around her. You can always count on Seora, once cold weather hits to start wishing and dreaming of it to snow here in AL on Christmas.

Nathaniel and Andrew went off somewhere and we couldn't find them to take the picture so they are missing. (Maybe elves took them)
In the toy store, Isaiah tried on many hats. Here he is in the Birthday hat!
Then he became the king sitting on his rolling throne, with brother Ben pushing him around
Graham acting all goofy
Ben and I decided to make Candles! Shhhh! They are Christmas presents! (Family doesn't read this blog any way! :) )
I felt like I was in sand art class in VBS!!!!!
Lovely Ben!
Isaiah was interested in this when they popped out! Yikes! now it is only 6 days til Christmas. I need to be wrapping presents instead of blogging. oh well.

Little Miss Princess finally got her crown!
These two are double trouble
Isaiah got his head in on the knight in shining armor
WE had coupons for the kids to dip their candles for free
Allenni dips hers
Eli waited patiently. Well sort of.
The girls dipping theirs.
Some of them now hang on our Christmas tree. Andrew finishing up his candles

Williamsburg! BINGO!

WE had a great 4 bedroom Condo through our Wyndham Timeshare and one day while the other kids were out to play, The younger kids played Bingo while I fixed dinner.

They are listening intently to see if their number is called
Do I have it????

Sept. Trip to VA

In Sept. we had scheduled a trip to VA. Our first stop was 3 days at a Beyond Consequences Workshop in VA Beach and then on Williamsburg for a week. We were a little disappointed with the VA Beach Aquarium as half of it was closed to reconstruction. Compared to the Chattanooga Aquarium, it was a waste of money.

The seals were outside of the Aquarium and Isaiah did not know what to think. The other little kids were amazed
Daddy is taking the pic outside the Aquarium
Cool pic of a Manta Ray
It's time to pet the Manta Rays but not Isaiah. He was totally freaked out! He would start screaming and clawing at Maggie and if we even tried to get near the tank.
Ok, though Eli and Allenni loved the Chick filet cow, Isaiah DID NOT! This thing was out of water and could get him. Isaiah took off running and screaming in the Opposite direction! I finally caught him and had to hide his face in my chest to get past the cow!

Smile fishy
The girls and I. Maggie still had her braids. Seora was glad to have more females around
Awesome Ben, who just insisted on pushing the stroller. Fine with me!

My friend CB comes to visit - Late August

Well, I am definitely backtracking to catch up on what has gone on in the Carter family since we have been home for the last 4 months. It has been a whirlwind for sure and we have traveled more this year than we ever have. Our friend CB came over to visit us a few days after we got home.

Allenni is all about hair and CB is all game to let her fix it up while holding her son Jacob
Aha! beautiful! The 3D glasses made the doo! Ellie Hope is proud of her mama too!
Isaiah joined in the fun and brushed his hair.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Cakes

Hello friends and family,
A BIG Thank You to all of you who ordered Cakes from us at Thanksgiving!!! We were blessed and I hope you enjoyed the cakes. From the proceeds we were able to donate a significant portion to
1. The Trauma House(Feed His Lambs) in Uganda to buy Allenni and Andrew's friends back in Uganda some Christmas presents
2. To the Missionaries Scott and Brenda V. for a Christmas present
3. To John in Uganda, who Duane and I have helped put through Law school in Uganda and who was key in helping us secure passports for Allenni , Andrew and Isaiah as He marries his beautiful finace' this month.
4. As well as help pay some adoption expenses still owed our attorney in Uganda
SO THANK YOU!!! You have helped make a difference by your purchase.

So, We are doing Christmas baking and I wanted to send out the list so you could be thinking about what you wanted.
I will be out of country until Dec. 14th but please do send your orders by email to or leave a message on my phone at 256 710-2781. Orders will be available for pickup after Dec. 20.
A portion of these sales will be sent to
1. missionaries Jason and Sara Ann Ricketts who work in Thailand with young girls caught in the sex trade industry
2. and to Safe Harbor Orphanage in Nigeria where my dad has started an orphanage.
Many blessings and joy to you!
Melissa Carter
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