Friday, December 18, 2009

The Governor's Palace

While searching on the web about what to visit while in Williamsburg, I discovered that the week we were going to be there was homeschooler week which gave us significantly discounted tickets for the whole week and offered programs not normally available. One of those was visiting the Governor's palace. Since this was our "first week of school" I told the kids they better learn something. :)
I think they enjoyed it and Isaiah did pretty good as well.

Look they are all smiling and looking at the camera AT THE SAME TIME!
In the governor's garden going the wrong way! We had to turn around, even though Duane got a nice pic. Don't know how Ben was a head of us driving the stroller on the pebble drive. Hmmm! it just occurred to me, Maybe that is why the stroller wheels fell off a little later.
The governor's palace side entrance

Wanna know how many times it took to get this pic? 8
Ben on the air conditioned bus to our next stop, hmmm wonder if he can read?
Nathaniel sitting where he shouldn't -- read the sign behind him. He was getting teased
Yes i made them stand by the sign and we got a good pic despite Duane getting frustrated with me and the kids as it took breaking up fights and situating people where the sign could be seen. Say cheese!

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  1. Hmmmm.....done that before! I mean the million pics before you could do it right....or the breaking up fights to get a pic.....hmmmm..... :)


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