Friday, December 18, 2009

Yankee Candle Factory

We headed out one afternoon to the Yankee Candle Factory and had a good time. We made candles, dipped candles, bought candles,bought candy at the candy store, goofed off in the toy store and dreamed as it snowed int he Christmas factory.

This was a pretty cool store. Christmas was everywhere and the little kids were mesmerized.
They even had one section where it snowed every 5 minutes. Seora loved this as real snowflakes drifted around her. You can always count on Seora, once cold weather hits to start wishing and dreaming of it to snow here in AL on Christmas.

Nathaniel and Andrew went off somewhere and we couldn't find them to take the picture so they are missing. (Maybe elves took them)
In the toy store, Isaiah tried on many hats. Here he is in the Birthday hat!
Then he became the king sitting on his rolling throne, with brother Ben pushing him around
Graham acting all goofy
Ben and I decided to make Candles! Shhhh! They are Christmas presents! (Family doesn't read this blog any way! :) )
I felt like I was in sand art class in VBS!!!!!
Lovely Ben!
Isaiah was interested in this when they popped out! Yikes! now it is only 6 days til Christmas. I need to be wrapping presents instead of blogging. oh well.

Little Miss Princess finally got her crown!
These two are double trouble
Isaiah got his head in on the knight in shining armor
WE had coupons for the kids to dip their candles for free
Allenni dips hers
Eli waited patiently. Well sort of.
The girls dipping theirs.
Some of them now hang on our Christmas tree. Andrew finishing up his candles

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