Friday, December 18, 2009

Sept. Trip to VA

In Sept. we had scheduled a trip to VA. Our first stop was 3 days at a Beyond Consequences Workshop in VA Beach and then on Williamsburg for a week. We were a little disappointed with the VA Beach Aquarium as half of it was closed to reconstruction. Compared to the Chattanooga Aquarium, it was a waste of money.

The seals were outside of the Aquarium and Isaiah did not know what to think. The other little kids were amazed
Daddy is taking the pic outside the Aquarium
Cool pic of a Manta Ray
It's time to pet the Manta Rays but not Isaiah. He was totally freaked out! He would start screaming and clawing at Maggie and if we even tried to get near the tank.
Ok, though Eli and Allenni loved the Chick filet cow, Isaiah DID NOT! This thing was out of water and could get him. Isaiah took off running and screaming in the Opposite direction! I finally caught him and had to hide his face in my chest to get past the cow!

Smile fishy
The girls and I. Maggie still had her braids. Seora was glad to have more females around
Awesome Ben, who just insisted on pushing the stroller. Fine with me!

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